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Patrick Allen Overhead Doors installs a variety of traffic doors ranging from restaurant and food service to industrial and cold storage. These doors are available in a multitude of materials and styles, and can be ordered specifically to meet your needs.


Double-Acting Styles


Traffic Doors
Large free swinging doors provide ease of entry/egress for employees and light equipment while providing a barrier between the public and private areas of your business.



High Impact Doors
Utilizing impact resistant bumpers these doors can withstand the repeated abuse of a commercial or industrial environment with higher traffic rates.




Sliding Styles


Fire Doors
Fire and heat resistant doors with automatic closers to protect in the even of a fire.


Service Doors
These doors are for warehouse applications, or for areas with high wind load or heavy equipment traffic.


Pharmaceutical Doors
These doors are used in pharmaceutical manufacture, or in any area where an absolute seal must be maintained.



Cold Storage Styles


Swing Doors
Swinging doors are best suited to cold storage that is utilized only by personnel and not equipment.


Sliding Doors
These doors are better suited to warehousing application or areas with lots of equipment traffic.


Vertical Doors
These doors are used in warehouse spaces where there is ample verticle space, or no space for a horizontal sliding door.


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